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Turn your house into a home with our top 3 Bespoke Art tips

Turn your house into a home with our top 3 Bespoke Art tips

When moving into a new home, there are so many new blank walls just waiting to be filled with beautiful art, It can be expensive and overwhelming to fill them all with beautiful images. But did you know that it doesn't just have to be purchased art that fills your walls?
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Over the past 5 years we have had so many customers bring in creative and inspiring bespoke art that not only looks amazing on the walls of their homes, it also tells a story about a moment in time from their past, creating an inspiring and warming space to live in. 
So we thought we would share our top 3 tips for ways to tell a story about a moment in time through the walls of your home.

More than a photograph - Turn family and friends into pieces of art. 

With our phones and devices full of everyday pictures of our lives we need more than just a single photograph framed and placed on the bedside to make it feel special. Creating a custom made or personalised piece of art from a photo can make it truly unique and extra special: 
  •  Create a Gallery wall of your favourite images that tells a story of family or a special event. Having multiple images of a single theme can really tell the full story and show the personality and relationships that exist.
  • Choose very distinct framing such as oversized mount borders or gold framing to help make the frame itself become part of the art
  • Alternatively, choose your most favourite image and have it blown up to a large format print as a feature art piece for the home
  • Or if you want to have a bit of fun, turn images of your nearest and dearest into a canvas painting or an artists sketch.
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      These are great ways to have art displayed on the walls of your home that is personal and warm. The perfect medium between Artists work and personal treasures.

      Relive the moments that matter. 

      Remember the postcards you bought from Italy? that map from your Road Trip through the N.T? or the tickets to the Concert you went to last year? We bet you still have these stored away somewhere, in an old shoe box under the bed because they represent a moment in time that means something to you, but so often we just don't know what else to do with them. Turn these keepsakes into wall art displayed through the home and relive your favourite life moments everyday.
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      Don't just consider the events from last year, go way back. What about that graduation certificate still in the envelope stored in your filing cabinet? or that medal you received as a teenager for winning the 100 meter sprint at the state championships, or the art sketch you created in year 11 art class. These make great Study or spare bedroom art pieces and tell the story of a proud moment in time that can re-inspire you on a daily basis

      Show your Passion 

      Are you an adventurer? a movie or music buff? or perhaps you are mad about motor sports? well, then get creative and display what you love most through the walls of your home. From Vinyl record frames to number plate frames, Guitars or cricket bats and even Tutu's you will be amazed at just what can be framed and displayed on your walls
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      Seeing the things you are passionate about, proudly displayed throughout your house will inspire you everyday and create a space you will love being in.
      The most memorable homes are the ones that are an extension of the people who live in it, telling the story of who they are and what they love. Start turning your house into a home through these creative idea's and if you are still unsure, get in touch with us - we have framing solutions for all types of keepsakes and memorabilia and love hearing the stories behind why these pieces are so treasured.
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        Some terrific ideas there, it’s always so hard to know where to start and this article’s gives some great inspiration!

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