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ideas, new home, design, styles, home decor, display, bedroom ideas

3 Expert tips for designing the walls of your new home

When we purchase a new home, whether we are building from a display home or purchasing an existing home, the day we move in it an empty shell. Bare walls with no furniture and no personality. It is only when we move in, unpack our belongings and begin putting pieces of ourselves into the house and onto our walls, does it start to become a home.

Today, our Wall Art Stylist Tracey is sharing her Top 3 tips for new home owners designing the walls and creating a home

ideas, styles, design, new home, home decor, display

1. Choose a style that you want your home decor to reflect - i.e. Minimal, Scandi, industrial, Bo-Ho, specific colours, particular materials or timbers etc

Whether you have an existing style (furniture and belongings) that you want to match, or whether you are choosing a new design style, it helps to know and remind yourself  of what your style goal is. 

Create a mood board full of ideas, styles and designs you love (personally i use pinterest to create a new ideas board, or you could simply cut and paste from magazines or save photos on your phone) something you can refer back to when making purchase decision on new home decor. 

You will be amazed when you start collecting a group of images you love, a style preference will emerge right before your eyes. 

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2. Decide where to place wall art throughout the home.

When designing your wall art, there will be spots throughout the new home where a single frame or gallery wall would work best. For example, hallways, open plan living / dining rooms and entrance-ways make for great gallery wall spaces, because they often have less furniture and more plain wall space, whereas kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms are generally more suited to individual or a set of 2 framed artworks. 

Remember, wall art does not have to be framed artworks, think pinboards and shelves as well, which can make for great practical wall art in certain spaces such as bedrooms and studies.

idea's, design, new home, display, styles, home decor ideas, design, new home, display, styles, home decor idea's, design, new home, display, styles, home decor, map pinboard


3. Don't forget to look at what is right in front of you when choosing wall art for your new home

Designing a new home can be an exciting, but also challenging time, so when choosing your home decor get creative and come up with ideas outside the box. Often our own personal treasures make the best artworks, they don't cost anything AND they never go out of style, because they are a piece of your life story! Having them framed, in a personalised design to suit your style, will ensure they add the personal touches needed to make your house a home.

Do you have postcards or small prints you purchased from your last overseas trip that you could use as art? or old music or sports posters that are rolled up in the cupboard which would make great theater room art? what about framing some old magazine covers for the study or even CD's or LP's and a concert ticket to use as wall art....

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Start looking at your belongings as wall art and you will be amazed at what you discover, before you know it, your new home will be telling your life story, and sharing your journey with all your family and friends that celebrate this exciting time with you.

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  • Andrea Myers

    I found it interesting when you said that wall art is that finishing element that can help pull a space together and make it feel complete. We are planning to redecorate our living room, and we’re in search of wall decor products that can complement the color of our living room. I’ll make sure to keep this in mind in buying a wall decor.

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