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Have you converted to Japandi yet?

Have you converted to Japandi yet?

We all love the timeless scandi style, with its clean and simple design, creating a feeling of organised space. But i have to admit, I was super excited to update my style to Japandi - the 'it' style of 2017.

Japandi, whilst keeping with the traditional clean lines, and simplicity of the Scandi style adds depth to the colours, it introduces an approach to finding beauty in the imperfect, and my favourite - it adds darker elements to the design, using black in contrast to the beautiful raw oak furniture we all know and love.
The best thing, however, it that you can update your Scandi style to Japandi without breaking the bank.

Here are our 3 top tips

1. Go deeper with colours

Introduce more sophistocated, and earthy tones.

Traditionally Scandi style has used pastel colours, but now it is time to go a little deeper, using colours like steely blue, or terracotta. 

2. Mix dark tones with traditional oak and white

Black is so prominent in Japanese style, it is an essential part in updating a Scandi room to a Japandi style.

It can be as simple as mixing black prints with oak frames, or even combining black and oak frames in a gallery wall.


3. Reconnect with Nature

Both Scandi and Japanese interiors are full of elements from the natural world, so it makes sense that the Japandi style is also full of nature.

Think raw oak furniture mixed with woodlands prints and a touch of greenery





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