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Australian Artists dominating the Art World

Australian Artists dominating the Art World

We are in research mode for our new website launching later this year (eek!!) which has lead us to looking at loads of artists work from Photographers to graphic print artists, and illustrators to painters.

We always knew there is a lot of talent in Australia, but even we were astounded at the diversity and quality of art we have come across during our research. So... we wanted to share the love and share with you 5 of the artists we are crushing on at the moment.

1. Stefan Gevers - Watercolour Artist

Stefan Gevers Bespoke Art Framing Blog

Taking inspiration from his home land - The Netherlands, Stefan, who now resides in Australia applies his style of minimalism and subtraction to his artwork. His most recent collection 'Colourfields' is inspired by road trips through country Australia.

We love Stefan's work all around, his fresh modern take on watercolour paintings are so easy to live with and do delicately textured.

2. Yorkelee Prints - Online Art & Prints Store

Bespoke Art Framing Blog - Aussie Artists

Yorkelee Prints creator Kate has bought together an amazing Scandinavian inspired online art and print store. Yorkelee is an inspirational brand combining amazing art and prints with interior design and styling expertise.

We love Yorkelee because not only are the art and prints on trend and gorgeous, they are affordable and come in a variety of sizes, meaning the customer has the ability to really buy art for the space they have, and not have to compromise on their style.

3. Marianna Marx - Illustrator

Bespoke Art Framing Blog - Aussie Artists

Creating whimsical illustrations and delving into her imagination, Marianna's illustrations demonstrate that anything is possible. Her characters find themselves on the most quirky and fantastical adventures.

We love Marianna's work because it is so unique, and really transports you into a whole new world when looking at her illustrations. Each one tells it's own story.

4. Kimmy Hogan - Artist & Graphic Designer

Bespoke Art Framing Blog - Aussie Artists

Reinventing her love of oil paintings into a digital format, Kate simplifies her subject matter down into simple curves and shapes of colour to give the image a more painterly feel.

We love Kate's creations for their clean simplicity. It's a new digital take on old floral oil paintings. A perfect fit for mid century and eclectic homes.

5. Jessie Breakwell - Fine Art & Paintings

Bespoke Art Framing Blog - Aussie Artists

Jessie has become globally recognised over the past 6 years for her quirky, abstract and off beat style. Her vibrant paintings provide light relief and satisfying diversion from inescapable reality.

We love Jessie's work because of the amazing complimentary colours and intricate details in her paintings.

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